The Death Bender International Symbol

"Regula Per Imperii"

The Death Benders are a group of Benders who want to rule the world.They use Bending for Evil and teach people the Dark Forms of Each bending making them more powerful than the average bender.They are one of the Main reasons the Equilist came back because they do nothing but torture non-benders all day.They're Symbol Represents Bloodbending because that is what they're leader can do.

"Death" BendingEdit

As mentioned above Death Benders teach the more Evil forms of bending.Read the list below.

  1. Bloodbending- Hybrid of Water Bending,Can control another persons blood and make them do things they dont want to do.
  2. Bone Bending- Hybrid of Earth Bending,Can control bones so you can snap a persons bones easier and has the same effects as bloodbending too.
  3. Fear Bending- Hybrid of Fire Bending,Use Blue flames and it shows someone they're Greatest fear as the flames surround and close in on them.
  4. Breathe Bending- Hybrid of Air Bending,Can stop someone from breathing for a bit also stoppong they're bending abilities giving them time to approach and make the kill.
  5. Shadow Bending- Hybrid of Energy Bending,Can give people the Ability to Death Bend and can also stop bending in it's tracks.Only Energy Bending can stop the user.


They're leaders are Dogoth Umbria and his sister Ketsueki Umbria.The founders of the Death Benders.They are descendants of Avatar Kai a Water Bending Avatar long before Avatar Aang.He used Energybending to stop his main foe Kalix who was trying to start a Civil Revolution.They have some knowledge of his Energy Bending and made it into Shadow Bending.

Other Leaders include:

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