Your team needs to have at least 3 member's, but no more than 4. You must have only one of each element bender. A multi-bender can only bend one elements in a match, so if you have an earthbender, and a firebender, the muti-bender must bend water or air. You may, if you want to, Create logo for your team, but you have to have a creaive team name (I.E. You can't be the fire ferrets.)


  1. If you create a team, and then the teams name is used in the show, you don't have to renamed your team.
  2. THis is not a claim, but if your team it way OP, you will be notified, and asked to change your team members
  3. You will use your team page to train on.

ON the team Page, put your:

Team name:
Team Members (and bending elements):
Team Logo (if any):
Team Colors:
Divison (for now there is only one, but when he get in enough teams, we will add more): 

Create Your Team!Edit